Bring us your next great idea.

What we do

We actively manage the global manufacturing of custom interiors for hospitality & commercial spaces

It’s how we assure that all your standards are met – on-budget, on-time, and with on-point quality. We bring your most complex casework and furniture designs to life – always faithful to the intent.

This magic is possible because we aren’t saddled with legacy factories and systems that impose their limitations on you. Our flexible, proprietary supply chain weaves together the world’s best factories. But as good as they are, we manage every inch, screw and mortice of the process. That's why clients like Ritz Carlton and Disneyland California turn to us.

How we do it
  • The Right Solution for Every Design
  • Standards Without Borders
  • Quality First, Second & Third
  • Our Passion for Design
  • Masterful Millwork

Why us

  • The Right Solution for Every Design

    Every project gets its own purpose-built supply chain so we can deliver exactly what our clients want, every time.

  • Standards Without Borders

    You get US-based project management and a team present at all production facilities – to ensure everything we deliver meets your standards. And of course, ours.

  • Quality First, Second & Third

    Our team of project and QC managers orchestrate the world’s best factories, and manage the process with boots on the ground, making them even better.

  • Our Passion for Design

    Designers love us because we share their passion and deliver the most creative and demanding projects, on-budget – and because our ability to create unique pieces allows them to push the envelope.

  • Masterful Millwork

    Complex custom architectural woodwork is core to our expertise. We can also easily deliver stone, glass, plastics, and more.

Why now

The industry is changing. Guests are demanding elevated experiences.

It’s a White Space moment

From lobby-side to bed-side, expectations are higher. So today, your promise and your brand live in each and every detail. At White Space, we honor your design vocabulary and we know that you can’t afford to be a day late, or a stitch short. Bring us your next great idea and watch what happens…

Our team

We built a great team. Now we can build a great anything.

  • Aytan Litwin

    Founder & CEO

    Twelve years ago Aytan identified a white space in our industry – an opportunity to redefine global production, by marrying craftsmanship and quality to the speed and scale the industry demanded. Aytan built this vision into an innovative and respected company, through his entrepreneurial drive, his worldwide relationships, commitment to client service, and passion for design. For Aytan though, merely winning the praise of hard-to-crack clients was not enough. His ultimate ambition – and White Space’s, too – is to build a global supply chain that creates positivity throughout the entire manufacturing ecosystem, making the world a better place, whether you're building our furniture, or relaxing on it.

  • Anne Amario

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Anne has over a decade of experience in marketing and product strategy, brand-building and communications. She knows what it is to build brands that resonate globally, suiting perfectly for White Space's multi-national DNA and global reach. As our CMO, her Masters in multi-disciplinary arts finds a perfect home, since filling the white space that exists in the market requires her special blend of creativity and high aesthetic standards. Thanks to Anne we never forget that our customers' brands live in every detail. Because ours does too.

  • Sean Gingras

    Director of Sales & Business Development

    Born into a family of cabinet makers and craftsmen, Sean has been involved in almost every aspect of our industry, from working as a cabinetmaker, to establishing (and directing) an engineering department, to acting as Plant Manager. In 2007 he moved into project management, focusing on large commercial projects in northern California. In fact it was through such a project (a $9.5 million millworking package) that Sean was introduced to White Space – and vice versa. He joined our team bringing 32 years of experience pushing industry boundaries – though his experience running with the bulls in Pamplona was also key training for the pace at which he is used to working.

  • Piergiuseppe Carbognin

    Director of Products & Services

    Italian by birth, our new Director of Products and Services Pier Carbognin has worked all over the world, where he gained exposure to myriad cultures – and myriad industries. To name a few, over 30 years he’s worked as a project manager in IT, logistics, and eventually interior design, focusing on luxury hospitality and residential projects. An expert in managing budgets, people, and expectations, Pier has extensive experience working with suppliers and contractors, ensuring projects are delivered on time, and on budget, mastering process and technology to assure flawless operation. Perhaps not so surprising, considering his deep passion for all things automotive!

  • Ivana Bahula


    With over 15 years spent at leading global companies, Ivana brings White Space the depth of sophisticated expertise that can only be earned through real-world experience. From telecom to energy to aerospace industries, from ConocoPhillips and Shell to Telecom Austria to Xerox, Ivana’s worked – and lived – all over, moving with her family from the Czech Republic to Ireland to the United States, where she’s comfortably settled into White Space. A mother of 3, she dreams of taking her family to visit New Zealand. That’s her vacation white space.

  • Jenny Liu

    Sales Support Manager

    After 15 years in the furniture industry – having mastered everything from contract drawing to being a project manager for the well-respected Decaa - Jenny Liu understands the production side better than any Sales Support Manager in the industry. It makes her keenly capable of understanding and assessing the realistic timelines and budgets White Space is known for delivering on. She loves everything about staying in a hotel – except when you get lost trying to find the hotel in the first place.

  • Malcolm Hall


    Our ability to project costs – accurately and quickly – is valued by all our clients.  Our esteemed estimator, Malcolm, makes that happen.  He brings 20 years of construction industry experience to White Space – time spent in positions of responsibility with a wide range of companies – from small family outfits to the largest homebuilder in the United States.  Malcolm also brings 9 years as a Project Manager and Estimator in the commercial millworking industry. An avid traveler, Malcolm’s dream vacation involves a tour of Austria’s famed castles – and a stay at the Hotel Schloss Thannegg – where we expect him to be checking out the dovetail joints in the furniture.

  • Tamara Dattilo

    Account Manager & Project Manager

    Trained in interior architecture and design, with a degree from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, Tamara has over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in furniture design, textiles and the procurement of FF&E. She’s worked as an interior designer, fashioning interiors for several high-end hotels and residences. She’s also touched every aspect of the production cycle in the millwork industry, from working with designers on their submittals, to engineering custom cabinetry, to managing delivery and installation for high-end clients. Though she’s had the privilege of working on projects in Northern California, Southern California and the Hawaiian Islands, she still dreams of visiting Spain and the South of France and their famous collections of historically important small hotel.

  • Boris Vujasinovic

    Senior Project Manager

    Our industry is in his DNA. Boris started his career over 30 years ago in his family’s woodworking shop in Croatia. Landing in Reno with a job as a cabinet maker and carpenter, specializing in high-end residential projects, Boris eventually took the role of Project Manager for Victory Millworks where he worked for a decade on a wide range of projects, including the Ritz Carlton hotel at North Star, City Center in Las Vegas. As fast as he is on his feet, he’s perhaps even faster on water, holding Croatia’s overall speed sailing record.

  • Anne DeAngelis

    Project Manager

    A NCIDQ certified designer who ironically loves the outdoors, too, Project Manager Anne DeAngelis is White Space’s design guru. Her experience includes managing complex projects for venues ranging from hotels to places of worship. Her project management skills are enhanced by the decade she spent as a draftsman, developing the eye for detail she brings to every project. A Lake Tahoe native, she loves any hotel that manages to combine an eye for design with dog-friendliness, so she can travel freely with her two lovable pooches.

  • Tommy Li 

    Quality Control Engineer

    With experience working with stone, wood flooring, furniture, millwork, as well as lighting and metal products, our Quality Control Engineer Tommy Li brings deep expertise to White Space. His extraordinary skills and technique complemented by his tenacious work ethic, and unyielding personal standards, Tommy accepts nothing less than the best from himself – or the factories we work with. He’s the kind of guy who only goes on vacation to see how well the products he’s worked on are holding up.

  • Hebe Liu

    Logistics & Office Manager, Asia

    Since she started in our industry in 2004, Hebe Liu - our Asia Team’s Logistics and Office Manager - has assumed increasingly responsible roles in logistics and production scheduling.  Dedicated to cost saving and execution, Hebe is key to making our offices run as smoothly and efficiently as our production processes. Known for her seemingly infinite energy it’s no surprise she spends her vacations recharging her batteries beachside, with her loving family. 

  • Toby Gammon

    Project Manager & Office Manager, US

    Toby brings over a decade of experience working directly for the hotel industry, a unique, and critical, perspective for White Space. He represents the voice of the customer, always reminding us that our mission is to bring together the elements of comfort and delight for each guest. What’s more, he brings years of managing projects and processes with a scrupulous eye – always on budget and on-time. His White Space experience has increased his appreciation for interior design - so for him, the perfect hotel experience brings the design, the staff, and the guest into perfect harmony.

  • Nurit Zuker

    Project Manager & Office Manager, EMEA

    Nurit brings White Space 12 years of experience in interior design, working in commercial and corporate spaces as well as luxury residential projects. Unique for someone with a design background, Nurit has also worked in project management, directing purchasing for many high-end projects. Her comprehensive knowledge of the design and building process gives her a unique depth and breadth that is consistent with our approach to hiring broad-scale talent. A native Tel-Avivi and mother to 2 young children, it’s maybe no surprise that her least favorite part of staying in a hotel is having to repack all those extra bags