VR Mock-Up Room, an innovative new tool from White Space, is poised to change the hospitality design industry.

Model rooms are a key step of the design, construction and renovation process, but take time and expense to manufacture all the individual pieces and elements that make the room special. And if the physical model room shows any changes you need to make, it’s back to square one, at least on those pieces, extending budgets and timelines, and ultimately increasing the resources needed to complete the project.

“The VR Mock-Up Room from White Space will revolutionize the manufacturing and design process, by streamlining the design process, and eliminating the need to wait and see your millwork and custom FF&E in the space,” says Aytan Litwin, CEO of White Space. “We hope to save hospitality designers critical time on pre and post-mockup modifications, by providing the opportunity to adopt changes to bespoke pieces prior to production.”

Not convinced yet? Here are 3 reasons to try White Space’s VR Mock-Up Room on your next project.

  1. Save Time and Money
    We know you’ve been there: you’ve dialed in the design and put the final touches on your model room, and are just awaiting final approval from the property owners. Finally, after their 10th walk-through of the space, they decide that the room needs two additional light fixtures and a resized chest of drawers. But the clock is ticking and there’s no time to get these fixtures designed, adjusted, and produced before the deadline. What’s a designer to do?By providing a cohesive sense of all the elements in the model room – before you get to the physical model room stage of the process – VR Mock-Up Room gives you the opportunity to catch any initial changes, like the ones mentioned above. VR Mock-Up Room allows hospitality designers and owners to see fixtures and elements from different vendors combined in the final design before they are manufactured, so you can understand how all the pieces of the room will work together, and if any changes need to be made before manufacturing. This way you can determine the need for additional or different pieces before the model room is created – and streamline your timelines and internal approvals in the process.
  2. Streamline Production 
    We know how painful it is to go through all the work of designing and manufacturing all the bespoke FF&E for your hotel room redesign, only to find once your model room is complete that a light fixture doesn’t fit properly in the space, or that the end table is the wrong scale. This requires extending timelines and budgets to re-design and produce new versions of these products. By mocking up your room virtually, you can become aware of these issues before the pieces are produced, and streamline the production process. Plus, with the help of VR Mock-Up Room, you can capitalize on your early project enthusiasm and excitement, and start seeing results earlier in the process!
  3. Explore Options
    You’re stuck between four different upholstery options for an accent chair. All of them are beautiful, and could work well in the space, but there’s no way to really know which will work best without seeing it in the room. With VR Mock-Up Room, you can create four different chairs and place them in the virtual room, allowing you to see how each of them works with the other room elements.

Any time you find yourself needing to choose between multiple materials, colors, patterns and vendors in your room design, VR Mock-Up Room allows you to explore and compare your options, before getting to the production and manufacturing stage. You can be fully immersed in your vision and make all your design elements work, before committing to producing – or investing in – a full model room in real life.

Save time, money, and effort with VR Mock-Up Room. Schedule your demo today at info@white-space.com

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