Many hotel rooms have their own unique style and beauty, but truly intimate spaces encourage couples to slow down and appreciate a luxurious and immersive experience together!


As we approach Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to design for intimacy and make your space as welcoming as possible for romantic getaways:


  1. Provide luxurious linens.

From bedsheets to bath towels, the linens in your rooms should not only be clean, but also made with soft, inviting materials that provide a luxurious experience for your guests. Turning such a basic essential into something truly special is a great way to wow your guests, and encourage them to return.


  1. Offer a special Valentine’s Day room service menu.

If you generally offer room service, providing a special menu for Valentine’s Day can be a great way to provide an interesting and unique experience, while also increasing your profitability for the holiday weekend. People are more likely to splurge a little on a Valentine’s Day date night, so consider offering a special or two that are worthy of indulgence, such as lobster or a special cut of steak. Or consider leaning into menu items that include traditional aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, artichokes, strawberries, and chocolate.


  1. Provide mood lighting.

A good hotel room certainly has a lot of bright, natural light, but features like opaque curtains or blackout shades can help keep the sunshine out if your guests want a relaxing morning sleeping in after a late night. On the flip side, offering varying levels of artificial light, such as a lamp or lighting fixture with a dimmer switch, can allow guests to set their own mood after the sun goes down.


  1. Thick walls are good walls.

No one wants to hear – or be heard by – their neighbors. If your space is in an older building or has existing thin walls, you can add decorative sound barriers, such as wall tapestries or panels, without undergoing a full renovation. Upholstered headboards can also be a useful sound barrier, while also creating a cozy atmosphere and creating a focal point in the room.


  1. Make it special.

If a guest tells you that they’re booking for a romantic getaway, leave a few roses in a vase in the room before they check in, or provide some strawberries and a bottle of bubbly. These small touches are inexpensive, but show a level of hospitality and service that will make their experience in your space extraordinary.

A holiday like Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for your guests to treat themselves to a special experience, and for you to go above and beyond to provide them with a stay that encourages them to return.

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