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Franchising can be a headache

Imagine a world where launching your brand across various locations becomes as smooth as a well-oiled machine. That’s the reality we create at White Space with our innovative “Store in a Box” solution.

Store in a box: Smart franchise roll-out



Architectural Finishes

At the heart of every successful
franchise lies consistency

The art of replicating the brand’s essence in every corner, be it in bustling New York or tranquil Kyoto. This is where many stumble, finding themselves entangled in the complexities of managing diverse franchisee requirements. White Space steps in here, transforming what could be a path strewn with obstacles into a seamless journey.

Let’s chat about our ‘Store in a box’ solution for Kate Spade Worldwide.

Or better yet, a solution for you.

We can make your brand our next smashing success in roll-out nationwide.

Like we did with Hammer & Nails grooming for men.
Imagine scaling a brand across 27 locations nationwide as well as planning a YoY growth of over 200%, while maintaining its unique identity and customer experience. That was the challenge faced by Hammer and Nails, a leader in the men’s grooming sector. Our latest article on Medium unveils how White Space stepped in with a custom-tailored approach, turning potential obstacles into a seamless, successful expansion story.

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