Step-By-Step: From Specs to  Spectacular

  • 01 Designing for the High End and the Bottom Line

    • Professional architectural millwork and furniture spec analysis
    • Choice of specialized factories for each unique product and material from our global network of qualified suppliers
    • Quick prototyping – from detailed drawings to model rooms
  • 02 Actively Managing Production

    • Simultaneous production in multiple factories
    • Quality control – daily on-site inspections and quality reports
    • Disciplined management to meet aggressive schedules
  • 03 Handling Logistics

    • Optimized containerizing and shipments
    • Compliance with global shipping regulations
    • Warehousing capability
  • 04 Taking Ownership

    • Post-delivery follow up
    • Product warranties and guaranties
    • Financial accountability

What’s Active Management? It’s Boots (and Eyes) On the Ground

It starts with the moment we begin our consultation and ends at the moment the container arrives. We organize, control and take accountability for the entire process. This includes quality control personnel at every factory we work with, micro-managing the production process – so every lattice, trim, and sand-able edge is perfectly rendered. They keep us informed, so we can keep you informed, giving you full visibility into the entire manufacturing chain.

It’s the only way to ensure every project is finished on time, on budget, and to spec.