Luxury hotels like yours thrive on providing high-end, quality service to patrons. Here at White Space, we strive to pass the same level of service onto our clients throughout the course of our relationship.

Our commitment to quality FF&E manufacturing comes through in every step of our process. With our global team and project management skills, we handle every aspect of production – from design analysis to shipping – so you can focus on what you do best: providing stellar service for your own clientele.

STEP 1: Spec and Plan Analysis

First in the process, our experienced team evaluates and analyzes your furniture specs and millwork plans, to ensure success throughout the entire FF&E manufacturing and installation processes. Once we’ve worked together to finalize plans and specs, our relationships with specialized factories around the globe allow us to find the quality manufacturing facility best suited to produce your FF&E.

STEP 2: Hands-On Manufacturing

Next, as your plans enter the manufacturing phase, we remain hands-on throughout the entire process. Our global team successfully coordinates production at multiple facilities and manages quality control through onsite inspections. We maintain consistent communication with our partner factories and facilities, and are in positions to work with them to meet aggressive deadlines.

STEP 3: Seamless Shipping

No doubt you’ve heard about supply chain and shipping challenges over the past year, but when you work with White Space, you can take that off your mind. Our global team manages not only the logistics of production and manufacturing, but once your products are completed, we also coordinate the logistics of shipping, warehousing, and compliance with global regulations. We work to ensure you receive your FF&E exactly when and where you need them.

STEP 4: Quality Control

We’re as invested in your project as you are, and just because your project is complete doesn’t mean our relationship has ended. We always follow up after our final delivery to ensure you are satisfied with the results, and offer quality guarantees and warranties on the FF&E we manufacture.

Our dedication to quality FF&E manufacturing comes through in all we do, from the pieces we manufacture to the service we provide.

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