The hospitality industry has seen a lot of change over the years. From the rise of budget-friendly options to the increasing focus on sustainable design and practices, the hospitality industry is becoming more conscious about the impact they have on the environment and the local communities they serve.

At White Space we have taken a proactive approach to sustainability by doing our part to make a positive impact on the world.

What does White Space do specifically to support sustainability?

At White Space, we believe that sustainable practices should be at the forefront of every business decision we make. This starts with the suppliers we work with and extends to the products we choose to use in our designs. We work with manufacturers who share our values and are committed to sustainability, from the raw materials they source to their production processes.

We are currently in partnership with MindClick, a technology that rates the environmental health performance of manufacturers and their products. We are working to get a “Mind Click rating “ which shows us where we stand with like minded suppliers committed to environmental health in the hospitality industry. White Space is excited to find new ways to practice sustainable manufacturing and will find areas to improve from Mind Click – and also to celebrate our sustainable practices that we currently have in place. Our goal is to be transparent with our supply chain and create healthier products and healthier environments.

Our recycling program is another example of our commitment to sustainability. We recycle materials whenever possible and work to reduce our waste output as much as we can. Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment and to help preserve our planet for future generations.

Can sustainability be affordable?

In the past, many have argued that sustainability can be expensive, especially in the hospitality industry where budgets are tight and profits are essential. However, with the rise of eco-friendly products and sustainable design practices, sustainability is becoming more affordable.

At White Space, we believe that sustainability is not just about being environmentally friendly, but about creating a better future for all. We understand that there are costs associated with sustainability, but we are committed to finding ways to make it affordable for our clients. We work with both high-end and budget-friendly suppliers to provide our clients with sustainable options that are within their budget.

Understanding the Environmental Impact of Our Choices

Understanding the environmental impact of our choices as consumers, buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers starts and ends in the transparency of these processes and how they relate to our values and standards. This is why we work with manufacturers who are transparent about their practices and who are committed to sustainability.

Greenwashing, or the act of making something appear more environmentally friendly than it actually is, is a common problem in the hospitality industry. The value of environmental change is a social currency of sorts. The industry will likely make mistakes along the way, and might exaggerate how much of an environmental impact they are actually making, but as long as the intent is to make an impact, it’s all good for the right cause.

At White Space, we are committed to transparency and honesty and we make sure that our practices and products are as environmentally friendly as they appear.

Making a Real Impact

Care for the environment has to stem from people’s values and sense of purpose. With a genuine connection to their personal purpose, a real impact can be made. At White Space, we understand this and we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

Considering sustainability within hospitality design means thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. This can be challenging, but the reward is a better future for all.

Sustainability in the hospitality industry is a journey and at White Space, we are proud to be a part of it. Our goal is to make sustainability accessible, affordable, and achievable for all, and we are committed to finding ways to make a positive impact on the world.

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