Whether you’re looking for a new partner or to start a project, the White Space team would love to work with you. We believe our team brings a unique aspect to the manufacturing of custom interiors for hospitality and commercial spaces.

We bring your most complex casework and furniture designs to life. We make sure all your standards are met – on budget, on time, and with on-point quality. We could continue to tell you all about how great we are, but we believe that hearing the message from our employees would mean a lot more.

We’ve asked several of our employees a few questions to help us better describe who we are and what we do. Continue reading to hear what they have to say!

Who does White-Space employ?

Our team consists of logistics, project managers, operational managers, sales and more. Our team members come to us with years of experience in millwork, interior design,, project management, logistics, production, quality control and beyond.

What is the culture at White-Space?

While our team is international, we remain close. Our team has been described as inclusive, professional, positive and responsible. Our team members pride themselves in being able to effectively communicate, behind the geographic and cultural diversity,  and get along with each other to work towards the company’s  goals.

When asked What do you enjoy most about working with White-Space, Fiona, our Estimator  said, “The attitude that anything is possible.”

One of the most important aspects of our team culture is that we remain open minded, caring and embrace our responsibilities. Our founder and CEO, Aytan has managed to create a positive atmosphere across our entire team, and that attitude is reflected in the culture and work of our employees.

What makes White-Space different?

Our team really lives out our values of quality and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing innovative, and sustainable products along with exceptional service. We care about the small details. Our team really cares and listens to our customers, and we make a concentrated effort to deliver amazing products and services.  To put it simply, we are trustworthy professionals who do excellent work on time.

We asked our quality control engineer Colin what makes White-Space different? He responded, “Compared with other companies, White Space have higher standard in the production process, is more inclusive and positive, and the colleagues are very professional and responsible.”

How to describe White-Space?

White Space manages the manufacturing of custom FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) for hospitality spaces (e.g., restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and co-working spaces).

What is FF&E? Yarden, the US Territory Manager,  has described FF&E as “everything that would fall to the floor, if you turn a hotel guestroom upside down.”

We are a young, but deep potential company. We are an international resource that brings innovative design visions to life. As a company that emphasizes the essence of action, we create a personal and conceptual relationship with the client, learn the idea behind the design decision, bring our millwork knowledge and professionalism to the production process and project management, and share with our clients a common dream of creating a perfect space. And of course they fulfill it!

Our project manager Ariel described White-Space saying, “White Space is like a ballet dancer: she is small, moves quickly, looks as if she does very complex things almost effortlessly, and the result is perfect”

We are a global company that can produce a wide variety of custom high-quality items to fulfill any designer’s dream products. From sketch to final product delivery.


White Space is a company that specializes in managing the manufacturing process of custom interiors- FF&E) and casegoods for hospitality spaces. Whether you are looking to renovate a hotel, outfit a new restaurant, need a rollout solution for your brand, or design a stylish co-working space, White Space has the expertise and experience to help bring your vision to life.

Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen work closely with our clients to create custom FF&E solutions that are not only functional and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing.

At White Space, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and high-quality products. We take pride in being a one-stop-shop for all of your FF&E needs, and we strive to make the design and installation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If you are in the process of designing or renovating a hospitality space, we would love to help bring your vision to life.

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